4 Types of Team Building: The Ultimate Guide for HR Managers

Every year the world spends tens of billions of dollars on team building activities. So what are the types of team building activities? How many types of team building are there? Are you a “magic wand” that can improve any problem in your business or organization? 

What Are Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are a collection of different types of activities used to enhance team socialization, interaction, and role definition, often associated with collaborative work within an organization.

Types of Team Building

Why are team building activities important?

Team building is basically a course. Use a variety of activities to allow participants (employees) to experience different situations. However, their main purpose is to coordinate the attitudes and behaviors of each individual while working together to achieve the common goals of the organization and aim for practical lessons in the workplace.

Team building activities also offer great benefits:

  • Improving communication skills . Team building activities require members to communicate and convey information well. Communication between new and former employees must also be effective. This helps people break down barriers and improve communication skills.
  • Motivate yourself. Team building can make the necessary breakthroughs for people to break free from the environment and boring work habits.
  • generate new ideas. You will be amazed at the innovation and improvement that results from combining a lot of thought in a comfortable work environment.

Types of Team Building

Improving problem-solving skills . Team building allows employees to learn how to solve unexpected problems in a short time, which stimulates a lot of potential in employees.

Build Trust This type of team building activity should involve players ranging from staff to leadership levels. Working, communicating, and solving problems helps people understand better and strengthen trust in each other.

Note: If you are going to use the team building type, you should encourage cooperation rather than competition. 
Incorporate team building into your work routine and practices.

What are the 4 main types of team building activities?

The Types Of Team Building Exercises Fall Into 4 Main Categories:

Activity Based Team Building

Types of Team Building
  • Team building activities for work Help employees break the “reel” of their daily work. Here, members can engage in a variety of mental or physical activities conducted online, indoors and outdoors. For example, organizing company outings improves communication between team members. Being outdoors helps keep you refreshed and up to speed. 
  • If your company is constrained by time or illness, 5-Minute Team Building Activities and Quizzes for Team Building Ideas can help employees quickly improve their mood without too much prep. These team building games are no longer time consuming and complicated but during working hours. It’s fast, efficient, convenient, and people can participate without hesitation anymore.
  • Online team building games have become popular over the past two years due to the pandemic. Reduce the negative effects of online work culture, such as the inability to separate work time from personal time. It also helps reduce loneliness and stress on mental health.
  • Employee engagement activities , or employee-centered activities, strengthen the mental and emotional bond between an employee and an organization. Keeping employees happy and engaged in their work contributes more to the team and the business.

Skills-Based Team Building 

Types of Team Building

In addition to activity-based team building, this is the type of activity required when a team wants to improve a particular skill. Beyond the facts, teamwork skills – important skill sets usually help teams work effectively. There are exercises specifically designed to teach leadership, conflict management, problem solving, critical thinking, negotiation skills and more. 

These activities also practice high performance teams improving missing skills and increasing work productivity. However, building a skill-based team requires each expert in a different field to plan a training strategy for the team.

Perfect Square, for example, is the perfect game to encourage leadership, communication, listening, and problem-solving skills. Employees and managers must work together, such as turning long pieces of wire into perfect squares while blindfolded, using verbal communication.

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Personality-Based Team Building

Everyone has their own personality traits, skills, and work styles. Once you figure this out, you can assign specific tasks to build the perfect team that complements your strengths and weaknesses and offsets each other.

One way to learn more about your colleagues and fun options for team building is to start with a personality test. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) – A psychological test that classifies people as one of four different personalities.

Understanding which employees are more introverted and extroverted than others allows managers to assign more specific tasks. Introverts can be particularly creative, while extroverts can work on interacting with people and customers.

Any difference is something to celebrate as it helps the team stay innovative and deliver results.

Team Bonding

Types of Team Building

Of the four types of team building, team bonding activities do not focus on developing specific skills. It is a simple and easy activity that allows all members to participate and spend time together in a comfortable environment.

Small talk, karaoke, and drinking are all team bonding activities that invest more in the spiritual values ​​of the team than in knowledge or work skills. 

These four types of team building are just some of the many approaches organizational leaders can take to encourage collaboration in the workplace. 

Tips for Effective Team Building

A well-planned team building event can energize the team, strengthen the relationship between team members and leaders, and produce consistently excellent results.

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You can refer to the following steps for an effective team building strategy:

  • Investigate employee needs: Learning about your employees’ aspirations and identifying skills they want to hone or gaps in your team is the first step to developing an effective team-building strategy. You can use survey templates and examples to make it even easier.
  • Establishing a timeline: This is very important for companies that have Hybrid workplace model . This makes setting up a plan much easier by creating an agenda and seeing the number of participants. For example, for a retreat or special event with more than 80 people, you should start planning for 4-6 months.
  • Create a to-do list: Creating a to-do list will give you everything you need to stay organized and ready for an event. So it will be easier to control unfinished or happening tasks.
  • Defining Goals: For a team building event to be effective, the focus for the program must be defined and defined. Make sure your event fits the needs of your team and that your team members will enjoy participating as well. You can alternate or combine these four types of team building on a monthly or quarterly basis.
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Through this article, mallory james hopes you’ll learn a lot about the steps to plan a great team-building activity for your team and planning four types of team-building events, including important follow-up processes.